Singapore Tour Plan

Dear family member/friend,

Welcome to Singapore! By the time you will have arrived at Changi Airport (SIN) I will have spent 121 consecutive days in Asia. Yes, I did just count for the purpose of this post.

In my 121 days, I have visited many of the places that I am excited to show you! Each day is planned based on geography and ease of transport. I have taken the liberty of adding the code for the Google Maps visual to help you understand the plan each day.

It is important to remember that plans can only be so thorough and many things can happen along the way. A twisted ankle, food poisoning, or even a sudden torrential down pour can mean a change in plans. As a result, the plan laid before you should be taken as a simple suggestion and viewed as an idealistic 4 days in Singapore.

Click on each day to see the plan!

December 8

December 9

December 10

December 11

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Many of the food choices are new to me, but each has been rated highly by a trusted source (Trip Advisor, Burpple, Google Reviews). I have included Singaporean cuisines to give you the best idea of what locals really enjoy in the Lion’s city.

Singapore is an integrated city, both in infrastructure and in its people. When you visit, you will notice that many people look Chinese and speak Mandarin as well as English. That is because 76.2% of the population is ethnically Chinese, but don’t be fooled. Singaporean Chinese is very different than Chinese Chinese. They speak with a different accent, they are capitalistic, and they eat a large variety of cuisines. In Singapore, you can eat Malay food, Indonesian food, Filipino food, Indian food, Western food, Chinese food and of course Singaporean food! Best of all, you can eat all of these different types of food at the same table in a hawker centre!


Other neat facts about Singapore:

Malay is the official language, but English is the working language.

There are four official languages, Mandarin and Tamil are the other two.
The religious distribution in Singapore is:


December 8 Friday

Lunch (Coriander Leaf Bistro 12pm-2pm for Lunch)

Fort canning park

Fabulous baker boy

Exploring clarke quay shopping complex

Read Bridge (Malacca Bridge)

Dinner (Little Saigon)

– BLK E, Clarke Quay #01-02

Gardens by the bay evening show 8:45

– There is also one at 7:45 depending on how the day goes


December 9 Saturday

Breakfast at Killiney kopi tiam purvis street

– This chain was made famous by their outstanding rendition of Kaya Toast a traditional Singaporean Breakfast. Kaya is a jam made with sugar, eggs, coconut milk and pandas leaves. The toast is usually served with two half-boiled eggs and milk tea. I personally love it, but can’t eat it too often as its very sweet. It is truly Singaporean and fortunately for us, there is one 11 minutes from our hotel.

Johor Bahru Malaysia via public transit

Lunch in Malaysia

JB Old chinese temple

Sultan Abu Baker State Mosque

Shopping at KSL City Mall

Dinner at Paik’s Pan (Food court) in City Mall (or on Ship)

December 10 Sunday

Arab street

Lunch in Arab street (Zam Zam, Indian Muslim Restaurant)

Labrador Nature reserve, Henderson Wave Bridge, Mount Faber Park hike

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Orchard district and high end fashion

Dinner (Din Tai Fung in the basement of Orchard Paragon Mall)

December 11 Monday (Time sensitive day)

9am Prive cafe (Awesome Eggs Benny on a private island)

11am China town heritage centre, Buddha Tooth Relic temple, Various Mosques

12:30pm Lunch (Me@OUE Singapore’s only open concept kitchen, rooftop restaurant)

2:30pm Flower dome and Cloud forest at gardens by the bay

3:30pm Visit the Marina Bay hotel

3:50pm Visit Raffles place

4:10pm Visit Fullerton Hotel

(Possible snack at Telok Ayer Market Hawker Centre)

Bus 402 – Get on at the sail, Bus takes 7 minutes to get to Marina Bay Cruise Centre

Depart on ship at 5pm