How to take small actions that can lead to EXTRAORDINARY results.


It’s amazing how many small decisions we face every day. It’s even more amazing how many of those choices present themselves in front of us and we decide to take the least risky, lowest effort, and least imaginative route. From the moment we open our eyes to the time we lay our heads down to rest, we are constantly perceiving and reacting. To reach for that, to remember this, to daydream about the other thing. We are flooded with so much stimulus that we forget our power to choose, dream, and imagine.

Think of a decision you made today.

Now think of a way that decision could have been a little bit better. You might have remembered one extra appendix item, or said or done something slightly different.

Now think of a way that you could have taken a completely different route, something so off the beaten path that it would ONLY make sense if you connected the dots backwards.


That is the thing you need to do more of. The craziest and most memorable moments of our lives all start from a small decision that seems outlandish to slightly bigger one, and a bigger one, until we’re doing something so crazy that we could never have imagined it in the first place. When you’re hiking up a mountain and nearing the top, each step you take gives you slightly more of a glimpse of what is on the other side. You work hard for each step, and it rewards you with just enough to keep you going. Step by step, you climb. Until you reach the top and the expansive landscape gleams from beneath your vantage point. You have arrived.

That feeling. That to me is living. If you were to condense your life down, those would be the moments that flash before your eyes.

What almost everyone fails to consider is that we have control to do more of those. To have more of those. To experience more extraordinary moments. It all starts with the first step. The hardest step mentally, but the easiest step physically. Just remember, you don’t summit after just one bold step, you must continue on.


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