Great podcasts are the most undervalued consumable product in the market right now.

A great podcast distills the information from years of personal experiences down to an easily consumable form that can be understood and retained in minutes and hours.

A great podcast involves a skilled interviewer with the right questions and an articulate interviewee that chooses to share the most relevant information when answering the question. The insights don’t need to be explicitly stated, but they can be. The most important thing is that the information is cemented by the telling of a personal anecdotal story central to the development of that person’s life. It is so profound because it comes in the same form as the latest gossip you hear from a friend. Different points hit for different people based on the listener’s past experience and present circumstances, but over the course of a dozen questions and an hour of answers, several insights will present themselves. This is the gold nugget. The refining is up to the listener after the fact.

Refining is hard. Acting on it is harder.

This is why such valuable nuggets of information can be heard by millions but millions will not change anything about their lives. This is no different than any legacy distribution system.

We are in the golden age of shared knowledge.

The podcast that sparked this thought?

Invest like the best is one of my all time favorite podcasts for consistently high quality content. I am 39:44 in to this episode and I paused it just to write this article.


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