#1 Do More with Less

Doing a lot with a little. It’s a compelling statement.

Tori gate at Miyajima Island in Japan

Tomorrow I’ll start a condensed university course called a block week course. Not every university offers this style of instruction, but taking one can save you 13 weeks relatively relaxed weeks in exchange for 1 intense week.

A lot of people like the idea of this (why not right? More with less)

When we challenge ourselves to do more with less we tackle the fundamental problem of optimization.

We stretch our dollars.

We push our energy reserves.


We pack our schedules.

It’s stressful.


What if we did less with more?

Would it be so bad to stop and smell the roses?

Would it be less or just less in the way we measure?

This year, I’m challenging myself to think differently about the things I put on autopilot.

What do you want to change this year?


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